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  1. image-painMost people would opt for Hypnotherapy to help them give up smoking or dealing with phobias, and indeed it has proved its worth in these situations. A less known fact that hypnotherapy can be used in managing chronic and acute Pain.

    Would you normally think of going to a hypnotherapist for, say Arthritis?

    Would you have hypnotherapy to prepare for childbirth?

    You may change your mind after reading this article!

    Sometimes the side effects of using pain medication are almost as bad as the pain itself. Many people would like to avoid analgesics, but are unaware that hypnosis is a very effective pain controlling tool.

    For many readers the notion that pain can be controlled through hypnosis may seem quite strange. However in complementary therapy we regard the mind and body as being linked. On numerous occasions therapists have reported that a patient's physical pain significantly reduced or eliminated by resolving difficult life issues. An example to demonstrate the body mind link could be.

    "Imagine you are biting a slice of lemon. Imagine the sour taste of the lemon juice as it squirts onto your tongue. What happened? Did your saliva start to flow? Yes! This is because your thoughts caused your body to react"

    What links the body and mind is the subtle energy system. Blockages in this system can be generated by emotional problems or stress. For example, back ache is often caused by excessive work pressure, family responsibilities or unresolved emotional issues. Tackle these and the back pain miraculously disappears.

    Expectation can strengthen the experience of pain, therefore your mind can moderate pain. Through hypnosis you can re-program how your body reacts to a painful situation.

    Modern hypnotherapy has devised many new methods for helping pain sufferers. First the hypnotherapist induces a deep sense of relaxation in the client. One is completely conscious the whole time, but in a very peaceful state. Some of the techniques that can be employed are:

    Guided Imagery: Under Hypnosis the client is asked to visualise various ways of "turning down the pain". This in turn stimulates the release of endorphins- our body`s natural analgesic.

    Deep Relaxation: Stress causes muscle to tense up. In conditions such as headaches or IBS, Helping the sufferer to relax is essential to lowering pain caused by muscle spasm and contracted blood vessels.

    Anticipation: Worry inhibits the release of endorphins and other hormones that naturally mitigate pain. In a situation such as childbirth, enabling the mother to feel more relaxed about the process will automatically reduce the trauma.

    Metaphor Intervention: Under hypnosis pain can treated as if it were an object. The client is asked to describe it in terms of size, shape and colour. By changing these attributes the pain may reduce significantly or be totally gone within a few minutes.

    Glove Anaesthesia: This fascinating technique involves making the clients hand feel numb under hypnosis and then transferring the numb sensation to another part of the body that is experiencing acute or chronic pain.


    Please contact me if you would like to explore hypnotherapy for pain in further detail.